Working together, we have the power to end domestic and sexual violence in our state. No matter your role, you can get involved to help create safer environments for all Alaskans.


  • Learn more about statewide and local prevention efforts by contacting programs in your community. Get a full list of programs at
  • Prioritize resources for the primary prevention of teen dating violence, domestic/sexual violence. Place an emphasis on supporting community collaborations and promising practices for prevention.
  • Support legislation that ensures healthy relationships and social and emotional curriculum in schools.


  • Ensure that schools in your community teach a curriculum on preventing dating relationship violence and building social and emotional learning. Find evidence based curriculum in the toolkit:
  • Know about healthy relationship skills and practice them often with your children. Find out more here:
  • Never assume your child could not be in a violent relationship. Ask questions.
  • Get support on talking to your teens with Talk Now Talk Often: Pathways for Prevention Statewide Leadership Team 31.



  • As men, there are many ways to be partners and allies in ending violence in our communities.
  • Build relationships based on respect and equality and share decision making and power.
  • Be a respectful role model to younger men. Visit compass/
  • Bring together male allies in your community to develop community-based solutions.
  • Contact to get connected to campaigns like COMPASS, Coaching Boys into Men, or other opportunities in Alaska.


  • Build relationships based on respect and equality.
  • Teach your sons and daughters about the importance of respect in relationships.
  • Encourage the men in your life to get engaged in ending men’s violence against women.
  • Advocate for federal, state, local, and organizational policy change supporting equality and accountability.


  • Learn more about respect, healthy relationships and what to do to help a friend at
  • Participate in Lead On! to strengthen your leadership skills to promote respect. More at:
  • Do not tolerate disrespect and violence within the community and treat others with respect.
  • Join a group in your local community that is working to end violence and promote respect.


  • Promote values that are consistent with strong traditions and strong families.
  • Get involved in sharing the message through community events and media.
  • Translate important prevention goals into your language.
  • Provide others with the skills they need to be true Elders.